The Griffcast – Episode 10

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“Fat Boy Roll”

Welcome back to the show everyone! 😀 Today we must tackle yet another rap-based episode, but this time we have Mario and company to thank for it!


And by thank, I mean scream obscenities at.


It’s the Super Mario Bros. Super Show!


Heads Up Display – Swat 4 #2

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“Who Needs the Kwik-E-Morgue?”

Hey gang, Mal here once again with another exciting episode of Swat 4! In tonight’s mission, Officer Sparx and the rest of Element must stop a robbery gone wrong. It’s the Kwik-E-Morgue; where the criminals are junkies, and the police take no prisoners.

Least I’m trying to do my job.

Heads Up Display – Swat 4 #1

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“Fast Food Justice”

Hey gang, Mal here with another episode of Heads Up Display! This time around we start on our policing career in Swat 4; a first person shooter developed by Sierra! Nothing like following police procedure to the letter am I right?

The Griffcast – Episode 9

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GriffCast_episode9 copy

Happy New Year gang, and all the best in 2018! Here’s out Christmas Special…because what’s timing? But seriously, it’s good to be back creating content! This one was a long time coming, but we are here, we are live, and we are so friggin’ sorry for what you’re about to watch! This is “Rapsittie Street Kids: Believe in Santa!”

Heads Up Display – Happy Wheels #1

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happywheels_basecard_e1 copy

Hey gang, bout time I posted another episode huh? Things got stupid hectic (as is their want), but here is one last video before the end of 2017 to tide you over till the new year! I’m starting on Happy Wheels, and with any luck, I’ll get more series out to fill the void between Griffcasts!

Heads Up Display – Bendy and the Ink Machine #1

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Now with FACECAM!!! Or at least for this video…still not sure if I should do it with just voice or not. Let me know in the comments what you all think!

Regardless of that fact, today I’m taking a break from SINGULARITY to look at an indie horror game that has been making the Youtube Let’s Play Rounds as of late…and I can see why! Today, it’s Episode 1 of BENDY AND THE INK MACHINE!

The Griffcast – Episode 8

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Hey everyone, we’re back with another episode of the Griffcast! Today we have with us a special guest; resident graphic artist, designer of our logos and business cards, AND professional snep: Aerykitty!

And as per the rules, the guest chose the subject matter. And man….it sure was a movie. Not going to lie; this is one of the worst things we’ve reviewed thus far. I expect this bar to be lowered further in future, but for now….get yourself prepared.