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Back to, Conventions and Other Updates

Posted in Uncategorized on February 26, 2016 by satamtmntabridged

Hey all, Mal here.

So I’m sure you noticed where the most recent episode was uploaded when you clicked on the image. (If you didn’t it’s alright. Go now, I’ll wait.) Yes, it’s “”

“But Mal,” I hear you asking, “I thought you were posting to Dailymotion! That’s where Episode 1 was.” Very observant dear reader! We DID post episode 1 to Dailymotion….


….let me explain.


Dailymotion has 3 major issues at the moment. #1. You can only have videos that are up to an hour long. This is fine for our TV episode riffs, but is kinda deteimental to movies as they already go over 60 minutes.

#2. The file size can’t be greater than 1 GB or so. The last episode was 2.6GB. Yeah no good there.

And finally #3. This whole debacle regarding fair use. I am aware about Youtube, but according to friend of the show Paranormal Rob (Cartoon Clipshow), Dailymotion put a copyright atrike on one of his videos. They even handled it worse than Youtube has been.

So! In short, until I can find a better website, we’ll just have to post to as they seem to bypass copyright as more of an internet self-storage site rather than one used for video streaming. Apologies for any irritations this causes folks!

NOW – as for those other aforementioned updates! First of all, we are in the midst of the audio epiting for Episode 3…..and we will hopwfully be recording for Episode 4 this weekend coming (if all goes well. With our luck you never know!) Stay tuned!!

SECOND, we have an email for the show! If you have any questions or feedback regarding the show, send it to !

And third,Sparx, Bootz and I will be attending FURNAL EQUINOX 2016! Both Sparx and I will be in and out of suit, so if you see any of us…feel free to come up and say HI!


Well that’s all for now ladies and gents! Til’ next time!