Heads Up Display – Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers (SNES) #1

hud_mmpr_part1 copy

Hey guys, finally getting around to posting this on the website.

As stated in the Reboot: The Game playthrough, I’m doing this show as a way to fill the void in between Griffcast episodes…..so these will more than likely be just me (with a guest or two if the need arises), playing through a game with my usual unhinged charm.

I have an actual thumbnail in production (made by the wonderful Andrew Dickman………Go to his dA here ), but for the time being I’ll leave it as is.

Today we’re taking a one-shot look at the first Power Rangers game for the Super Nintendo…a side scrolling beat-em-up simply called “Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers”.

EDIT – he got the thumbnail art done a lot quicker than I had expected so…BAM


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