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Heads Up Display – Bendy and the Ink Machine #1

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Now with FACECAM!!! Or at least for this video…still not sure if I should do it with just voice or not. Let me know in the comments what you all think!

Regardless of that fact, today I’m taking a break from SINGULARITY to look at an indie horror game that has been making the Youtube Let’s Play Rounds as of late…and I can see why! Today, it’s Episode 1 of BENDY AND THE INK MACHINE!


The Griffcast – Episode 8

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Hey everyone, we’re back with another episode of the Griffcast! Today we have with us a special guest; resident graphic artist, designer of our logos and business cards, AND professional snep: Aerykitty!

And as per the rules, the guest chose the subject matter. And man….it sure was a movie. Not going to lie; this is one of the worst things we’ve reviewed thus far. I expect this bar to be lowered further in future, but for now….get yourself prepared.