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Heads Up Display – Bendy and the Ink Machine #1

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Now with FACECAM!!! Or at least for this video…still not sure if I should do it with just voice or not. Let me know in the comments what you all think!

Regardless of that fact, today I’m taking a break from SINGULARITY to look at an indie horror game that has been making the Youtube Let’s Play Rounds as of late…and I can see why! Today, it’s Episode 1 of BENDY AND THE INK MACHINE!


The Griffcast – Episode 8

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Hey everyone, we’re back with another episode of the Griffcast! Today we have with us a special guest; resident graphic artist, designer of our logos and business cards, AND professional snep: Aerykitty!

And as per the rules, the guest chose the subject matter. And man….it sure was a movie. Not going to lie; this is one of the worst things we’ve reviewed thus far. I expect this bar to be lowered further in future, but for now….get yourself prepared.

Heads Up Display – Singularity #2

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Hey all, Mal here with another episode of Heads Up Display! Sparx is just putting some finishing touches on Episode 8 of the Griffcast, so I decided to put up another episode to fill the void a bit. We’re continuing our run of SINGULARITY……and I think I broke the everything.

Heads Up Display – Singularity #1

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hud_singularity_part1 copy

Hey gang, Mal here with another edition of Heads Up Display! We’re currently in the editing process for episode 8 of the Griffcast, so I figured throwing up another episode here to keep you guys entertained! Taking on a game I’ve seen played on Youtube a bit back, and found very intriguing…..with a healthy dose of the Motherland to boot. It’s Singularity!

Heads Up Display – Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers (SNES) #1

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hud_mmpr_part1 copy

Hey guys, finally getting around to posting this on the website.

As stated in the Reboot: The Game playthrough, I’m doing this show as a way to fill the void in between Griffcast episodes… these will more than likely be just me (with a guest or two if the need arises), playing through a game with my usual unhinged charm.

I have an actual thumbnail in production (made by the wonderful Andrew Dickman………Go to his dA here ), but for the time being I’ll leave it as is.

Today we’re taking a one-shot look at the first Power Rangers game for the Super Nintendo…a side scrolling beat-em-up simply called “Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers”.

EDIT – he got the thumbnail art done a lot quicker than I had expected so…BAM

The Griffcast – Episode 7 (Youtube Re-Upload)

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GriffCast_episode7 copy

Hey everyone, and welcome to another episode of the Griffcast! Today we have something extra special for all of you!

Mostly due to me being unable to find a great quality version of the episode without them, we have some added authentic 80s commercials and bumpers during the episode breaks of our subject today…..namely the Christmas episode of the single-season long series “Rubik: The Amazing Cube”…also featuring “School House Rock”.

Just a reminder. This is real. This happened. You aren’t hallucinating.

The Griffcast – Episode 6 (Youtube Re-Upload)

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GriffCast_episode6 copy

Welcome everyone to another episode of the Griffcast! Today we have no witty intro…no clever jokes. Only pain.


It’s the Bubsy pilot guys. Mistakes were made.