Heads Up Display – Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers (SNES) #1

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hud_mmpr_part1 copy

Hey guys, finally getting around to posting this on the website.

As stated in the Reboot: The Game playthrough, I’m doing this show as a way to fill the void in between Griffcast episodes…..so these will more than likely be just me (with a guest or two if the need arises), playing through a game with my usual unhinged charm.

I have an actual thumbnail in production (made by the wonderful Andrew Dickman………Go to his dA here ), but for the time being I’ll leave it as is.

Today we’re taking a one-shot look at the first Power Rangers game for the Super Nintendo…a side scrolling beat-em-up simply called “Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers”.

EDIT – he got the thumbnail art done a lot quicker than I had expected so…BAM


The Griffcast – Episode 7 (Youtube Re-Upload)

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GriffCast_episode7 copy

Hey everyone, and welcome to another episode of the Griffcast! Today we have something extra special for all of you!

Mostly due to me being unable to find a great quality version of the episode without them, we have some added authentic 80s commercials and bumpers during the episode breaks of our subject today…..namely the Christmas episode of the single-season long series “Rubik: The Amazing Cube”…also featuring “School House Rock”.

Just a reminder. This is real. This happened. You aren’t hallucinating.

The Griffcast – Episode 6 (Youtube Re-Upload)

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GriffCast_episode6 copy

Welcome everyone to another episode of the Griffcast! Today we have no witty intro…no clever jokes. Only pain.


It’s the Bubsy pilot guys. Mistakes were made.

The Griffcast – Episode 5 (Youtube Re-Upload)

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GriffCast_episode5 copy

Hey everyone, and welcome back to another episode of the Griffcast! In today’s fun adventure, Sparx, Bootz and myself will be taking on another celebrity endorsed (sort of) animated special from the early 1990s. With thanks to ParanormalRob for supplying the footage, it’s 1994’s “Seigfried and Roy: Master of the Impossible”!


A lot of people make strange smiles and there’s a lot of eye-related…things in this. I’m confused.

The Griffcast – Episode 4 (Youtube Re-Upload)

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GriffCast_episode4 copy

Welcome everyone to another episode of the GriffCast! Today we have a fourth member joining us; friend of the show and the hosts: SILVERMOON!! And she brings us the topic for today…the 1984 Marvel-produced cartoon “DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS”!

Good old 80s cartoons here folks. ……..pfft if it were good why would we be doing right?


Special thanks to Silver for supporting the show, providing us with our new splash image (the one you see above) and for coming on and giving us another running joke!




Enchanted cheeeeest~

The Griffcast – Episode 3 (Youtube Re-Upload)

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GriffCast_episode3 copy

Hello everyone and welcome back to the Griffcast 2.0! In today’s episode, we tackle a very short-lived, celebrity-endorsed cartoon from the early 1990s…back in an era where any celebrity could have any cartoon. In this case, the DiC Entertainment produced “Hammerman”! Specifically we’ll be looking at the episode titled “Rapoleon”.

I apologise in advance.

The Re-Uploadening/ The Griffcast – Episode 2

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So, as promised, I put Episode 2 onto Youtube. For now, I shall link to it here, but I will be going through our blog here and doing a little cleanup, and archiving older posts, while revamping posts for episodes and re-uploading them with the new link attached. Please bare with me as I am a bit under the weather at the moment.

But for now, EPISODE 2!!

GriffCast_episode2 copy

Welcome everyone to the 2nd episode of the Griffcast! Today we’ll take a look at an Argentinian “kids” film – and I say kids VERY lightly – called EL ARCA…..or 2014’s “Noah’s Ark”. We’re jumping headlong into what the Griffcast is all about folks…back to the weird and obscure…and the awful. The really, really, REALLY awful.